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Disclaimer: Okay let me go ahead and say this. If you don't like the texts you see here because of the CONTENT. DONT READ THEM! If you don't like the texts because you think I'm a bad writer, E-mail me with some suggestions. Now, obviously, there will be some "adult content" in these texts so here me out right now, if you don't want to read them DON'T read them. Comprende? Si? Muy bien! Proceed with caution....

I've broken these up into several categories for convienence.

Rants - This is where we open our chest and find out what we are really thinking. Free flowing, usually has no point to it, and pretty fun to read.
#1 Marilyn Manson
#2 Jerry Springer

#1 WoodStock '99

Texts - Texts are usually longer than rants (way longer in Kef's epic), are generally based on one thing (except for the poem collections), and are alot better to read when you have nothing else to do.
#1 Hermit Fundamentalism
#2 Poetic Tributes

#1 The Rise and Trials of the Black Plague - Acts I, II, and III
The Rise and Trials of the Black Plague -Acts IV, V, and VI

#1 Hermit How-To Guide
#2 Poetic Collection #1
#3 Poetic Collection #2
#4 Poetic Collection #3
#5 Poetic Collection #4

#1 The Lethario Stories

Columns - Monthly/Weekly/Daily. Columns are usually written by a fixed time period. They are usually long, and a writer will usually focus on one topic that spans throughout all his columns. As of now PlanetWooD has no columnists but we WILL hire any columnist that would like to write for us. The only requirement is that you send us a sample column (from previous work) so I can evaluate and see if you are fit for the job.

Visitor Contributions - These are texts written by you, the people who visit this site. If you don't feel like being a Columnist, but you like to write every now and then, this is your time to get your point across to the world! We will put up any text that you write thats at least over 300 words (it's gotta make sense too :) ).

This page is the property of MrWooD. Which means if you copy my stuff with out my written consent I'm gonna hunt you down and gouge your freakin eyeballs out. And don't think for a SECOND that I wouldn't either. Because I will.