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Woodstock '99

Woodstock, what comes in mind when you think WOODSTOCK? Some think of the great music played, the harmony, a social gathering that was formed spontaneously and without need for organization, and some how.. which is astonishing by todays standards, it was a success. Do you know why? Because it had a purpose and dedicated people, yes these people formed Woodstock because they had some greater purpose and they were committed. How does this compare to Woodstock99? Compare? Woodstock99 totally contrasted everything THE Woodstock stood for. First of all, Woodstock 99 was marketed and promoted up the wazoo, every promoter had to be there, softdrink makers, every possible vendor there. Plus the bands where paid an insane amount of money, guess how much the bands at Woodstock where paid? Nothing.. not in currency at least, they received the satisfaction and joy of performing and doing something meaningful and making a difference. Bands like Redhot Chili Peppers where there, guess what they got? MONEY! Yes money, that worthless piece of paper that has the most value in society. I doubt they gave a damn of what kind of impact they made or what they did, the ones who think they had a purpose, nope.. they just wanted to rehash the original Woodstock and TRY to "relive" the phenomenon(sp?) that was Woodstock.. and I did say phenomenon.. yes.. they are unplanned... completely unexpected.

The bands weren't the only ones who ruined the Woodstock namesake, the participants. The participants asked for the corporate sponsors to show up, the participants where looking for nothing but a cheap weekend joyride, is this what Woodstock is going to become? A cheap ass weekend joyride? Sheesh.. The participants where all NORMIES.. half of them didn't even know what Woodstock was, what it was, why it happened.. normies don't give a rats ass about anything except for there usual interests that are so well varied (sarcasm rulz), these being sports, "pussy", and beer.. nice sample of what is to come of this nation isn't it? Yea I didn't think so either.. for more information on normies, look at the links below after this little rant is done. Guess what happened near the end of this little wannabe event? The people rioted, and BURNED a lot of the sets.. once again a 90's rehash has COMPLETELY ruined an original event's name sake.

So there we have it, the namesake of Woodstock is probably totally ruined for ever now.. a special few will probably remember what woodstock's legacy was.. till then..

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