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Marilyn Manson

There isn't a whole lot I can say about Marilyn Manson except for the fact that I hate him. I really can't stand him. He is a sub-average musician, riding upon an image to carry him through. If he had any real talent, he wouldn't need to be such a freak. He would be able to simply play music without the hype. There is nothing evil about Marilyn Manson. He is a scrawny little fag. I would love to kick the shit out of him.

All he is doing is making a fat pay check, preying upon the rebelliousness and folly of youth. He knows damn good and well that teenagers are learning that their parents aren't perfect anymore. This causes them to need to find other role models. Everyone knows the one criteria that teenagers use in their search of role models is how much they piss off their parents.

I think Marilyn Manson is no different than the New Kids on the Block. The reason they flopped is not only a reflection of lack of talent, but it's also over marketing one's self. The new kids tried to win over the young crowd. That's exactly what Manson is doing. Simply by choosing the name Manson, he made a statement that he was appealing to rebellious teens. Does he actually liken himself to Charles Manson? I think the only thing they may have in common is a lack of self worth and a history of sexual abuse.

There is a lot of real evil out there. Kids don;t need to seek it in an androgynous twerp like Marilyn Manson. Honestly, what characteristics does one need to have to be considered evil? What does Marilyn Manson do that is so diabolic?

I'll tell you, not a damned thing. He is all pomp and circumstance. All he does is look scary. There is absolutely nothing that he does to further any of the causes that his devoted fans seem to think he stands for. So he tells his fans to beat up Christians. Big deal. How many die-hard Manson fans do you think could beat up anybody? All the so called "goth" people I have seen, are faggy, nerdy, little puss-boys that couldn't beat a crippled three-year-old Vietnamese kid up.

Now if you are really into music that is dark and like to hear songs about something besides love, there are plenty of good bands out there to listen to.

Take Type O Negative for instance. They sing traditional goth music. Peter Steele, the lead singer has an unbelievable voice. He sounds just like a freakin vampire. Their music is well written and shows a lot of talent. Besides the fact that they are kick ass live and have an insane stage presence. He could do some serious evil. Now I think that if Satan was going to choose a singer to do his bidding, he would pick someone as formidable as him. Not some whiney fag like Manson.

Now if you like your music a little more toward the metal side, there are tons of kick ass bands. Pantera, Zombie, Danzig, Biohazard, Slayer, Sepultura. They don't swear up and down that they are the freaking anti-Christ. They don't have to. Their music speaks for itself. Glenn Danzig has been writing and singing music about evil shit for over 20 years. He's got a lot more experience with the subject than puss boy Manson. Not to mention the fact that he could grab Manson by the neck with one hand and squish him till shit ran down his leg.

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