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Poetic Collection 1


sentenced to an asylum
I am imprisoned by the harshest warden
I feast upon scraps of food
tasting what liquids are only essential for being
my sense of lust is lost
I struggle to keep my eyes awake with my fading dismal display of life

my fellow inmates are in turmoil
conflicts arise
tempers flare
my mind is assaulted
I strike, yet they strike harder....

I awake.. with an iminating glow of enigma attached to my soul
I walk through the labrinyths of pentagons
labrinyths of triangle, stars, and mysterious circles of inner being..

a melody of tranquillity mocks me with each step
a melody which mutates
a melody which is elusive like no other unearthly beast no man has laid eyes on

my mind is ravaged with confusion
I look for the pearl in the nethers
one gleaming glitter of glee
one whimpering ray of hope
one burst of energy

I search for my oasis
I search for my mind

Chilling Droves of Revelation:

Chilling droves of revelation
hold us with your frail hands
sooth our thrist for harmony

asure us of your wisdom
comfort our desires with great feasts we were promised
appease our apetites

strike our enemies with your sabers
gleaming with flowing rivers of red
protect our minds with your swirling postulates

Shade us oh great omni
bathe our ravged gates with your enchanted
glitter of gold

quench our blind eye
with your nexus of seas.. of wisdom

Affix our visors, tinker with our souls

Chilling droves of revelation seducing our salted wounds..

The day has come, come again
we are marveled and flitered with

And with a beckoning beacon
our destinies are tested
omni beackons...

Omni whispers..
strike me down..

Another sabre blessed with blood
another battle dress stained with ravenous red conflict
another one's eyes exposed

The sea beckons
the wind taunts
the moonlight laughs

from dusk till dawn, and back again
we are faced again with ourselves
omni tickels our depths; for we are omni

Days of Drought:

Another day flees the sphere
no longer are moments of radiance with us
blanketing our nexus.

No longer do flowers, the depths of sweet auora
blossom with joy
No longer the song bird sings to us
soothing our scathed souls
No longer does the breeze flow, enchanting our soil
No longer are trees of wisdom challenged
No longer are fibers of warmth shaken
dreams no longer flow like the currents

Void shows no mercy, scribes are suspended
works of art, philosphy and understanding are
cast off with the void

The days of drought are upon us
Seas no longer flow
The wind no longer whisks
The land no longer in turmoil
The stars no longer gritter

Be weary of the day.

Deeds of Time:

Rising from my soup of intangible dimensions
glory bound and filled, full of potent barbituates
I wield my sabre of just passion and lust
my potent powder of poppies in my hand

Your collective souls, for my taking
stalking ever presently, my clutches of grace
drawing and spindling my mirages

Your inquisitive souls, in my grasp
I'll tease and tickle them
dance my waltz of seduction

The ignorant will feel the the wrath of my sabre
and your species in a coma with a taste of poppy on their lips

My cloak of mystery, spun by your own kind

My emotions of rage and spite overwhelm
I free the increments of my soul you have captured
oblitierate your sodomizing devices of measure

Now with my glare upon you, I strike
I bellow as you crumble in shame
my sabre is with me


I'm tickled with fear
shaking uncontrobally I
write another chapter of the unknown

Blind as a bullet indiscrimenetly
zeroing in on my target
I target the heart of the unknown

Plummeting into the depths of our universe, looking for a purpose
like a rat in a cage dreams
of ruling persia


As I idle here in my mass-production version of life
I can hear the leeches slowly grasping my breath,
I'm going mad
I can't feel a drop of creativity in my deprived soul
Help me.. Is there something wrong?

Is it that there is an anonymous organism that slowly decompses my brain?
Keep your fecal matter of repression, conformity, and dullness away
I can't take it anymore

Maybe I'll flush this
Hoping that once I do my nuerons will fade to black
and this vex will vanquished forever

Help me..

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