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Poetic Collection 4

Tunes of the piper
illuminate the air
the air beckons the mind
the mind beckons the heart

Tunes of the pianist
striking with force
soothing the soul
soothing the heart
permeating the mind

Tunes of the organist
Harmonizing the body
Strengthining the heart
motivating the one

Tunes of the guitarist
champion of the people
dramanizer of the plight
expression of the self

Turmoil fills the air
the tunes of the piper begin
the tunes of the pianist compliment
the tunes of the organist support
the tunes of the guitarist motivate

Revolution, invention upon us

(Void of Joy, Revision B)

In the beginning.. there was a void

darkness lay siege to our sanctuaries
lords and nobles would carry out a bidding
of unforgivable, cold murder

caged, in our cyclones of self-pity and oppression..
our lords and nobles, not the perpetrators of this crime
with the wind, whistling and laughing
the leaves tell of a priceless story
thrown about and tossed, in the wind
the mainstream of drivel

lightning serves us
ever attempting
to free us from the sphere
our sphere, full of gross mockery

the bells chime

the people, peasants and iron men
speak of a revolution
a revolution, where the hammer and sickle wield us justice

the bells chime

men and women filling the air with controversy
they speak of unfair wages
and lords impregnating our sacred spheres

the bells chime

eyes of cause glare over a field
with our lightning sending reinforcements
hammer and sickle in hand
the thunder cracks..

the bells chime

our oppressors gallop to the field
dressed in battle dress suades and iron
mounted upon stallions, with bones of might and skin of conflict

the bells chime

our two parties, gleaming at one another
exchanging, casting, and tunneling looks of pain, oppression, wrath, and a morbid sense of jest
and wit

a noble links his chains, straightens his battle dress... prancing to our mass of scalawags

the bells chime
the bells chime
the bells chime

swift bones and teeth, his arms of clad armor raised

the bells chime

lightning envelopes the sky, an echo of conflict is heard

a pause occurs, the people.. lords and nobles.. peasants alike
stand in a morbid sense of joy
our spirits look to the east
falling graces of glass and waterfall are upon us
ready to plummet, and scathe

as if some are begging for scars of conflict to be raged upon there bodies
we bathe in this shower, rays of hope are upon us

and for those who stand strong
a new day is dawned, we stand long..

sickle, hammer, and the leaves of parsley are united
our viper of reason upon us, ready to be forged..

the bells chime

Where the river runs:

where the river runs
where the river flows
where the river graces

nexus of the liquid
permeable to none
flowing with grace

waltzing to the end
waltzing over the rocks
the rocks molested by this liquid
the nexus calls

violent overtures of the river play
the river beckons the spirit
the river runs
the river flows

small streams of the nexus
trickle off this world
and unto another
the trickle pelts the other

where the river runs
where the river flows
where the river graces

nexus of the liquid
permable to none
flowing with grace
waltzing to the end
waltzing over the rocks
the rocks molested by this liquid
the nexus calls

the nexus binded
the nexus graces over another world
another plane quenched with the eternal force
of life


Hello? Is there anybody in there?
Where are you? Yell if you can hear me!
Hello? Hello? Hello? ... Any-Body-Home?

Withdrawn from your cauldron of hate
expelled from your sinful sphere of satin
cast out from the cauldron..
Outside the wall.

Hello? is there anybody in there? Give me a sign!
Oh give me a sign!

Breathing rapidly and my heart racing,
I vow to you my intentions will be drawn,
explicated in the next five minutes.
It will become dubiously clear to you...

Are you there? Can you please talk to me?
Hellooo! Hey! Are you there?

A cold night dawns and the mist spreads,
the flames are exposed to the judge,
the judge of nature.

There you are! I missed you!

Halt right there! Tame your tounge and listen,
I don't need your arms around me,
never cradle me again, or feel my blade.

But.. you can't! Come here!

I told you, and not once more will I deprive the land of your spilled blood.
Will you quench its thirst? Step across.

But.. But.. Let me hold you in my arms!

Do not force me to partake in this play nomore.
I have willfully alienated myself from the sphere,
take your belongings and old cloak back to your enclavement of tyranny.
Do not force this blade into your heart.

Well! In all my years of being I have never!
Never encountered a soul like yours! So willing,
so defiant, to run from his roots!
The cauldron will no longer nourish you!

Take your cloak and cane with you,
old man.
I do not need your arms around me.
I'll be just fine with my bread and grapes.
Throw away the key,
Get back to your world, and let me be.

Be warned young one! The dogs of war will always be waiting,
to pounce upon such a definate one!

Get away old man, let me be!

The sun faded and a new sphere,
born within the universe.

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