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Hermit Fundamentalism
By: MrWooD

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Basics
Chapter 2: Hermit vs Conformist: Where do you stand?
Chapter 3: Arguments against Hermit Fundamentalism


This book shall teach you what a hermit is, how a hermit survives, a how-to guide, Do's and Dont's, Enemies of the hermit cause, and arguments against. If you do not wish to learn how and why we work, then please do not read any further.

Chapter One: The Basics

Since you decided to read further lets start off with asking the basic question: "What is a hermit?" A hermit is a person who does not conform to outside pressures such as religion, society, and/or peers. A hermit has a very minute social life and very low self esteem. Hermits are usually never happy with ones self or with anyone. We tend to like being alone so we can think peacefully and therefore our thoughts produce better ideals than society's conformists. If harnessed properly hermit fundamentalism can lead to a better life of free thought without anyone telling you its wrong to think that way therefore banning free speech and censoring your life.

If you are a conformist reading this material and are already scoffing at what has been taught consider this: To breathe a hermit's breath is to breathe freedom. In order to breathe this vital breath you must dwell in your shell without outside interference and to achieve this level of solitude is to achieve pure nirvana. What this means is that loneliness is not bad as perceived by society. Society wants you to believe that solicitude is bad because they want you to only think in a one way line, their one way line. If you do not conform you are considered a freak and are most likely put down by society. Loneliness gives a person freedom to do what ever one wishes without getting embarrassed. It gives you a chance to sit down and think about stuff openly. If you actually sat down and thought about religion for example, you would probably come up with some totally different ideas than what the conformists come up with. You see, conformists never think twice about what they are taught and just accept it to be correct. A hermit on the other hand has a chance to say "Wait a minute this cant be right, I think its this way." without being thrown in jail for treason.

But, a hermit's free thought can not be used to "make a mark in society" because that would just contradict the definition of a hermit. Exposure to society will only lead to chaos and then you will be forced to change forever so it is recommended to think on your own without becoming famous, or face the onslaught of society's demons. That isn't to say a hermit can not keep a record of his thoughts. He can record his thoughts into one book, keep it safe, die, and even if the record is found after he dies, he has still lived a full hermit life because he did not step one foot out into society. His book could then teach the masses and maybe someone will pick up on it. Most conformists like change so perhaps the book would be used as a tool to persuade people to stay inside.

Lets get one thing straight before this chapter ends: People get one thing confused about hermits. They believe that hermits have NO contact what so ever to the outside world. This is just a myth. A hermit can still get his sources of information from the TV or from the Internet.

Okay enough of the hypothetical thinking. There you have it. The basic (very basic) ideals of hermit fundamentalism. Lets review: (1. A hermit is a person who does not conform to outside pressures such as religion, society, and/or peers. (2. Solicitude promotes free thought without conforming to one particular ideology/theology. (3. A hermit's ideas can not be used to make a mark in society unless the hermit has died. (4. A hermit can still get his info from TV and/or the Internet. Continue reading for a more in-depth look at Hermit vs Conformist ideas and structures.

Chapter Two: Hermit vs Conformist - Where do you stand?

This chapter deals with the pros and cons of being a hermit and being a conformist. I'll start out with the Conformist side first.

CONFORMIST: Anyone who conforms to the idea(s) of the masses. One who accepts the unanimous opinion religiously.


Strength in numbers

Usually conformists feel safe in large groups because the group gives them protection and security. For example, someone is messing with you. You call your group and deal with the problem. Problem solved.

Willing to accept unanimous decision

The pro side: most of the time the group decision will work out good for the conformist and everything will be hunky-dory.


Willing to accept unanimous decision

The con side: It degrades the person's will to think because the person will just go along with the group without thinking of the consequences of the decision first. This can be very dangerous later on.

No free will

Conformists have no free will over their decisions because they must consult their little group of peers first to judge their decision. This is obviously crap because if the person has no self-judgement then they will only grow up to be leeches who are totally dependent on other peoples ideals. Which most conformists turn out to be like anyway.


If people actually sat down and thought about why this happens and why this doesn't we wouldn't have religion in the first place. All religion is, is that some guy proclaims he is god, or someone believes they see some god, and people accept it and convert people to believe this nonsense. This has to be the biggest mound of utter crap I've ever seen in my life. THINK FOR ONCE PEOPLE! Trust me it works!

Mass Marketing

Pepsi. Gap. Nike. You know what they are. Multi-billionare companies who sell expensive crap to the masses who are eager to buy it just because of some lame ass commercial and/or their friends like em. This is what really gets to me about conformists. Just because some friend likes a certain product doesn't mean you HAVE to like it to! Most store-brand stuff is way better than the mass national brands and are a hell of a lot cheaper! Go on spend your hard earned money on crap, the only people that are laughing in the end are the companies sucking up your funds.


HERMIT: As mentioned before, a hermit is a person who does not conform to outside pressures such as religion, society, and/or peers. A hermit has a very minute social life and very low self esteem.


Free Thought/Self-Judgement

A hermit usually has the ability to think of ones decisions before carrying them out. Also a hermit needs no "council of peers" to make judgement on these decisions because hermits have a little something called self-judgement. A hermit knows whats good for himself and can make those decisions by himself for himself.

Willing to stand alone on a topic

Lets say the topic is "Does god exist?" The hermit picks no but the other 15 people pick yes. A hermit WILL NOT back down from his decision just because the other 15 people pick yes. The hermit probably has thought about religion long enough to draw his own conclusions. The other 15 people on the other hand just conform to the ideal of theism and therefore stick together in a group decision. Unanimous or not a hermit will never back down.

No attachment to other people or things

Conformists must be attached to something or they will keel over and die. A hermit on the other hand can live without the affectionate thing and go on to his thinkings. A hermit doesn't need a group to cling on to every second on his life.

COMPLETE privacy

This is one of the better things if not the best thing about hermit fundamentalism. As you think and discover, you will never be bothered by society. You are free to go about your business however and whenever you choose without interference.


No Hermit International Meetings

This is probably the only con about being a hermit. There can never be a group meeting because we'd all find a separate corner to hide under and start conspiring to kill all the rest just to relive the solicitude his dwelling provides.

Chapter Four: Arguments against Hermit Fundamentalism

This chapter will be set up more like an FAQ but with comments not questions.

"A hermits life is boring! There is never anything to do inside!"

This is completely untrue! There are plenty of things to do in your dwelling. If ya got a computer then there's one thing. Buy some games to keep yourself occupied. Read a book, get a console system, rent some anime, there's plenty to do!

"But people might start calling me a freak and not talk to me anymore."

Well there's "friends" for ya. This is why i never trust people anymore. If they were REAL friends they would still talk to you and shit. But thats a little too utopian because there are no TRUE friends and they will always, always end up turning their backs on you. Conformists are just too stupid to realize a hermits life is much better than theirs.

"My skin will turn pearly white!"

So what? Who's gonna judge you? Why should you care? Its only skin color for cripes sake!

"Peer pressure forces me to make group decisions. Sometimes I have no choice!"

Yes you do! Stand up for what you believe in! If it doesn't belong with the group so what? Fuck em! You don't need to hang with a group who thinks below your level. You will just seem outta place while they draw rock carvings.


There you have it folks. Hermit Fundamentalism. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I surely hope you kept an open mind. Questions? Comments? email: ICQ: 5766698

This page is the property of MrWooD. Which means if you copy my stuff with out my written consent I'm gonna hunt you down and gouge your freakin eyeballs out. And don't think for a SECOND that I wouldn't either. Because I will.