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Jerry Springer

Probably the biggest name in my city, state, even in the whole US. And boy do i hate him. Every day I have to goto school I hear: "Ooo! I gotz to watch me some springah! They be throwin chairz!" So what? You ever sat down and actually watched a show? They don't even follow the damn topic! They just sit on their ass and Jerry says some crack ass remark, like 2 people laugh, then the man says to the girl "Bitch!" and they start fighting.

Come on now. How stupid can some people be? How can ANYONE call that BS "entertainment". If you want fighting watch some pit fighting not this "oh I'm gonna throw a chair at you and make myself look like an ass on TV" bullshit this company produces.

When have you actually seen something positive on that show? I'll tell ya, NEVER!! Why don't they just sit with their back turned to the audience and kick the shit out of the first person that sets foot on stage after them. I mean, just start huckin chairs. I sure as hell would. You know you're fucked if you are on that show. Why not bring some people down with ya?

The other thing I don't understand is all the guys that find out their girlfriends are cheating on them with other women. Get real. How can a guy be pissed at that? They should be thanking God. It is the ultimate dream to be attacked sexually by a throng of women. I just don't get it.

What about the DUMBASSES who find out their woman is really a man? how fucking dumb can you get! If you want to know more about how much I hate trans go here.

Anyway in conclusion, this show is just bullshit. Only mindless normie drones could possibly like this garbage. All you see is just some faggots fighting (more like slapping) and springer making stupid ass remarks. Oh wow that's fun. Who the fuck cares? I wish Donahue was still on...that was a REAL talk show.

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