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January 29, 2000

So many Karets to feed ten rabbits.. - I know what your thinking, but I'd rather not say. A major update to this site should take place within the next couple of days. Probally during the middle of next week. I myself have been busy with other projects and such, and WooD is also busy twiddling his thumbs waiting for my CD to arrive. So, Don't worry, be happy.- AgentX

January 10, 2000

Stupid News Board - Sorry for the lack of updates. Ever since the 6th I've been tryin to figure out whats been wrong with the newsboard since people have been complaining that it hasn't been working. I think it was cgiforme, the people who host our newsboard, updating their servers because alot of webpages have been doing that lately (like the Gamespy Network for example). But for now it works so quit your bellyachin'. BTW, submit some texts, reviews, ANYTHING. Just give me a reason to update this site damnit.

January 05, 2000

Good things come to those who wait - I'm glad you kept your pants on! Now as promised, the 4 reviews, ramblings, and the new staff member (Adam808: Writer, Reviewer) are all here. So go forth and read. Also make sure to check out the VGC News/updates page for up to the minute video game news.

We ain't dead - KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! PlanetWooD isn't just gonna crumble under 5 days! No siree! The reason of the lack of updates is because I was too "busy" playing Baldur's Gate, but I got frustrated with its multiplayer mode so now expect the regular 100 updates a day deal. BTW, later today expect a giant update with at least 4 new reviews, a new staff member, and some more ramblings! STAY TUNED! Oh what do you think of PlanetWooD T-shirts? If I can get enough money together I might just let you people buy one. Of course the staff gets first pick but you guys will not be left out!

January 01, 2000

2x the Fantasy - Two Final Fantasy Reviews are up. One from me (Final Fantasy 6 for SNES) and one from Richter (Final Fantasy 8 for PSX) Go read now!

Dried Paste - I hope you are enjoying your creamed corn, dried mealworms, and bottles of distilled water. Goodbye, I need to get some sleep if I wanna wake up early and watch MST3K on scifi. - AgentX

December 31, 1999

Reviewers Needed - If you want to help us out a bit, why not help us write game reviews? We could use all the help we can get. The platforms are SNES, Genesis, N64, PSX, and Dreamcast. If you decide to write one, make sure its longer than 250 words, put it in a .txt file and email it to:

Links - Well I got alot of requests for a links page. I dunno why. It's just links for cripes sake, but I went ahead and finished it anyway. Oh, if you want your page to be linked on here, email me or ICQ me.

VGC Update/Misc - The Video Game Centre newsboard has just been completed. It will give you up-to-the-minute news and information circling around in the video game industry. If you want to be a PlanetWooD reporter give me an email and I'll probably hire ya. Check it out now! Also, I added the VGC navigation pages to the main page for added convienence. The main page is going to be the only non-VGC page with this Navigation as I feel it's not needed in the Ramblings section, for example. One last thing, new logo. Like it? I do. If ya don't, I dont care. I'll pull down your underwear!

December 30, 1999

VIDEO GAME CENTRE - It's being worked on as we speak. We could use some reporters and other helpers. (Like helping us gather some faq's, reviews, faq's. Platforms: SNES, N64, DreamCast) If you would like to help us, give us a ring on ICQ (UIN: 5766698) or email me. Any kind of contribution would be very helpful to the forward movement of this site.

FORUM - After taking the 2 seconds it takes to find a free message board, I got it. So, now all you people can post to your hearts content. There is only one rule: Don't spam it. If I see ya spammin', im bannin'. It's that simple. So go forth and post!

HUGE UPDATE - Being the update monger I am, I finished the staff page, and the Rambling page. All the texts are there. Read em all if you can, especially Kefpac's MEGA EPIC: "The Rise and Trials of the Black Plague" This epic will be on a "To Be Continued" basis as we hope this mega story will keep you on your toes! So far we already got Acts 1-6. So go read! Also, make sure to sign the Shining Force 3 petition. Don't you want that game to be on the almighty Dreamcast? Yes we do too. So go sign it!

December 29, 1999

SHINING FORCE 3 - Maybe you haven't heard of it yet but there is a BIG time campaign to bring Shining Force 3 Scenarios 2 & 3 to the states, and I want to say on behalf of PlanetWooD that I fully support this petition. So follow follow this link: and sign the petition so maybe just maybe we get to play one of the greatest RPG's in a long time. I also put a banner up below the freeserver's banner so you can click it whenever you want to.

GRAND OPENING - Welcome to the grand opening of my new page! This page will contain all sorts of stuff: my personal ramblings and texts (which suprisingly alot of people enjoy for some strange reason), a full blown out video game haven (complete with reviews, previews, news, faq's: the whole works!), and finally a forum where you, my loving fans, and chat one another with other planetwoodaholics and/or suggest new ideas for the site. I'm open to all ideas so feel free to email me (link is on the left) and tell me what you think.

This page is the property of MrWooD. Which means if you copy my stuff with out my written consent I'm gonna hunt you down and gouge your freakin eyeballs out. And don't think for a SECOND that I wouldn't either. Because I will.